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"Matías Bombal’s Hollywood" presents reviews of the current cinema now playing or coming soon at a theatre near you. The noted California showman, broadcaster and former movie palace manager Matías Bombal is known for his love of cinema from its beginning to the arrival of wide-screen films. This gives him a most interesting perspective on reviewing the current releases from either the major studios or independent producers. For optimal viewing, select 720p or higher from the YouTube "Gear" icon, located on the bottom right corner of the video player, and view in full screen mode.

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“Thank you to Mr. Bombal for the most entertaining film review I’ve ever seen”
“Best online review of “Get A Horse!” It’s by Matías Bombal, classic movie buff and former TV broadcaster. What better way to celebrate the vintage take of Disney’s new animated short.”
-Actor Jared Harris (linked our review of “Pompeii” on his Facebook page 2/21/14)
-Jerry Beck, Editor, Animation Scoop 12/5/13- Indiewire.
“Oozing with old-world charm and sophistication, Bombal provides at least one new review of a current release per week”
-Cathy Cassinos Carr, Sacramento Magazine 11/13
“Matías Bombal’s Hollywood” is the USA's best kept secret! We’re so glad to have found it here in Australia first!  I was looking for something special to enhance my screen presentations, I found it with “Matías Bombal’s Hollywood”, a classy late 1930's look with a host that really works the show well: he has a class and deep knowledge of the industry we both love so well. I found “Matías Bombal’s Hollywood” by pure accident, but I knew I needed him on my screen in 2K DCP right away. Now, I have my theatre patrons asking if we are featuring a “Matías Bombal’s Hollywood-Current Cinema Review” in the session they're attending. They applaud them often! Maybe we Aussies need to export MABHollywood back to the United States... I say to any 'true to the cause' motion picture exhibitor worldwide- this adds a new dimension to theatre screen and plasma foyer screens presentation. My patrons love Matias' reviews."
- David McGowan, Plaza Theatres, Laurieton, Australia (




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